There are two ways to approach things: that the left hemisphere that makes us think, catalog, label, sort ... It works in an analytical way, that decomposes the fact to try to bring order, using the words.

And then there is the way of the right hemisphere, which is completely different, it is a synthetic way of seeing things ...

It works for images, which attempts to capture the set of elements: sensations, memories, emotions and moods. To experience how it can be to think in pictures, I propose some photos. Try listening to what emotions, feelings and memories come ...

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These are the titles that I put it, you could put others ...

My titles

Photo by

  1. waiting
  2. home
  3. closing
  4. fragility
  5. nourishment
  6. fear
  7. music
  8. restlessness
  9. even though
  1. Logan Adermatt
  2. Dominik Martin
  3. Oliver Pacas
  4. Coley Christine Catalano
  5. Linh Nguyen
  6. Art Wave Web Design
  7. Kitsuné Espresso Bar
  8. Ireneuilia
  9. Tyler Wanlas

Paola Palmiotto